Don't mess with the flag

Last updated : 22 March 2024 By Footymad

There has been uproar after Nike's new England kit displays an edited St George flag on the collar.

Not content with the classic red cross on white background that we've all been happy with for centuries, Nike have now changed the colour scheme, introducing purple, dark and light blue to the mix in what they descibe as a 'playful update'. It's causing quite a stir.

"When it comes to our national flags, we shouldn't mess with them because they're a source of pride, identity, who we are, and they're perfect as they are," said prime minister Rishi Sunak.

Labour leader Kier Starmer added: "We just need to be proud of it. So I think they should just reconsider this and change it back.

"I'm not even sure they properly can explain why they thought they needed to change in the first place."

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