England Latest: Spot Kicks & Chart Hits

England’s strategy for a potential penalty shoot-out at Russia 2018 is the focus of a detailed article on the BBC website which looks at some of the techniques the Football Association have been using with the younger Three Lions teams to boost performance from 12 yards.

It may seem like an over-analysis of the situation but the FA certainly cannot be accused of approaching the World Cup unprepared in any aspect of England’s performance and penalties are just one part of that.

Certainly, finding out beforehand which players are genuinely excited about the prospect of taking a spot-kick and those who would run a mile from the situation may be half the battle rather than simply trying to recreate a shootout in training.

The Three Lions meanwhile will have to travel to Russia without the opportunity to test their singing voices in the studios as there will be no official World Cup anthem this year, perhaps to avoid the 2014 scenario whereby plans to release Gary Barlow's reworking of 'Greatest Day' as the official song were shelved before the tournament.

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