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Last updated : 09 February 2012

David Bernstein: He will not definitely be English. Clearly there's a preferecne for an Englishman and the position hasn't changed. At the end we want the best person and I'm not prepared to rule out anything at this stage, but and English, or British person, would have a good headstart in this matter.

David Bernstein: This is very early days. We are sitting down tomorrow to look at the shortlist. I don't want to pretend that we have plans already but believe me we will be moving fast.

Alex Horne: There was no point having a manager that didn't want to be in the job so David and I, having talked about it in length with Fabio, it was the right decision to accept it.

David Bernstein: The backing of John Terry clearly wasn't helpful and gave the impression of conflict and difference of view between the manager and board, so that wasn't helpful.

David Bernstein: We want to produce a winning set up at England and its what the public and fans want.

David Bernstein: When Fabio offered that resignation it was in the interests of the FA. He came to that conclusion himself.

David Bernstein: I can't enter discussion about individuals but we want to do this properly and put a shortlist together as soon as we can.

David Bernstein: We are in good shape in many ways and there's plenty of time for a new man to get in place and do what he needs to do building up to the competition.

Adrian Bevington: However, there is a longer term strategy. In two years time there is a World Cp in Brazil, beyond that we have the Euros in France in 2016 and a further World Cup in Russia in 2018. 

Adrian Bevington: This is obviously a very important moment for us now. Everyon's focus is on 2012 and our objective is to appoint a manager, go to Poland and Ukraine, perform well and achieve success. 

David Bernstein: Our priority then will be to appoint a new England manager with the total focus on getting the best person in place as soon as we possibly can.

David Bernstein: Stuart Pearce will manage the England team for the Holland match. I have great confidence in Stuart. We will be in good hands.

David Bernstein: He offered his resignation and I on behalf of the board agreed that this was the right decision for the FA. The meetings were professional and amicable.

David Bernstein: Fabio wasn't happy but accepted the board's authority. Sunday Fabio conducted an interview with an Italian broadcaster, which caused conjecture and huge public debate and produced an unsatisfatory situation.

David Bernstein: We all believed the John Terry situation would be resolved in March or April and were surprised by the postponement. The board made a very quick and unanimous decision regarding the captaincy.

David Bernstein: The manager is the mot important person in a football club, but sometimes the board have to step up. 

David Bernstein: I'd like to thank publicly Fabio Capello for all he has done. He has behaved with dignity and honour. We concluded matters with a handshake. Stories of him storming out are not true.

David Bernstein: It's been a challenging week

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