England Set To Feel A Financial Squeeze

Last updated : 01 May 2020 By Three Lions

Coronavirus and its effects on the FA's finances are set to see cutbacks at the national team's HQ, St George's Park.

With the England senior team out of action until September 2020 at a minimum and Euro 2020 delayed, the Football Association is poised to suffer a significant loss in income and a subsequent search for savings.

While St George's Park has been the key driver for all of the positive steps that England teams have taken over the past few years it does not come cheap and national newspaper reports this week suggest that a merging of age groups and the scrapping of teams such as the Under-20's alongside a reduction in staff.

The FA will also face a fight to keep international football's prominent place in the calendar the longer that club sides are out of action as every league and association will be fighting to protect their interests.